Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Error message: windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item

If you are getting error message "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item" from windows operating system (any) when you are trying to install any software?

Solution for this problem is installation of Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration component. So un-install this component to avoid this error message.
  1. Go to Add/Remove programs
  2. Click on Add/Remove Windows Components
  3. Un-check "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" click next
  4. After uninstalling log off the user and log in again.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Excel: "code execution has been interrupted" Message

If your excel macro is running in interruption mode then you will get code execution has been interrupted message. You can disable this error in two types.
1.       Use this code in your program Application.EnableCancelKey = xlDisabled.
2.       Press Ctrl + Pause Break key.
Note: Generally this interruption will occur to all excel workbooks because of interruption flag is set in your Excel environment. Press Ctrl+Break during execution of macro to disable this interruption mode.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips to increase your system speed

Do you feel your system is slow? Hanging many times? I will give small tips to increase your system performance.
The performance of a system will reduces mainly due to heavy loadings of CPU, RAM and Hard disk. So remove unwanted things from your PC to avoid loadings.
Delete the files in these folders. This leads in increase in performance.
1.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type dllcache -> OK
2.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type temp -> OK
3.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type %temp% -> OK
4.       Goto internet explorer-> Option -> Settings -> clear history, delete cookies and delete files
While deletion, some files will not delete. Because some applications using these files. So delete remaining files.
Use some tool like Ccleaner to do all these stuffs.
To Increase CPU speed
Goto task-manager (shortcut key Alt + Ctrl + Del) and kill unwanted applications. If you have more knowledge on process elements then goto process tab and kill services. Otherwise don’t do this part; this will leads in system crash.
To increase RAM speed
Make your desktop is clean. Move unwanted files from your desktop and keep then separate folder in any other hard drive use shortcut in desktop. Close all other applications if you are not using at that time.
Uninstall unnecessary application form add/remove programs. This is also helps to increase in performance.
If you know any other methods please let me know. Happy working J

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Behavior of Proportional Controller

Output of the proportional controller is proportional to error of the input at that time. Error is the difference between Setpoint and Process Value.
OP α Ep
Ep = (SP - PV)

OP = Controller Output
Ep = Error Value

OP = Kp * Ep
OP = Kp * (SP – PV)

Kp = Proportional Constant / Gain
SP = Setpoint
PV = Process Value

Note: Take error by subtracting PV from SP. Vice versa may lead confusion during controller types.
There are two types of proportional controller. They are,

1.       Reverse Acting
2.       Direct Acting
1. Reverse Acting Proportional Controller
In reverse acting proportional controller the output will decreases as increase in process value.
OP = Kp * (SP – PV)
OP = (Kp) * (SP – PV)
OP α –PV
Make Kp as Positive for reverse acting proportional controller
2. Direct Acting Proportional Controller
In direct acting proportional controller the output will increases as increase in process value.
OP = Kp * (SP – PV)
OP = (-Kp) * (PV - SP)
Make Kp as Negative for direct acting proportional controller


Here, we are controlling water level in a tank irrespective of input and out flow rates. Form this example we can easily understand direct acting and reverse acting of proportional controllers.

Controller 1 is used to control the inlet flow of water by taking level transmitter signal as a process value. If the water level in the tank increases then PV will increase. Now we need to decrease OP value proportionally to close the valve to maintain water level in the tank. This is done by choosing direct acting proportional controller.

OP↓ α –PV ↑ where, Kp is positive

Similarly, Controller 2 is used to control the outlet flow of water by taking level transmitter signal as a process value. If the water level in the tank increases then PV will increase. Now we need to increase OP value proportionally to open the valve to maintain water level in the tank. This is done by choosing reverse acting controller.

OP↑ α PV ↑ where, Kp is Negative

Effect of Kp in Proportional controller

Kp is most critical parameter in proportional controller. Kp value not only decides the proportional type but also smoothness of the operation. Kp is also called as gain of the controller. It will amplify the error value.

If Kp = 1 then controller opt is the error.

OP = SP – PV

If Kp > 1 then controller output will reduce the proportional band of the controller.

Proportional band is an operating range of the controller which is defined as inverse of gain. The value is expressed in terms of percentage.

PB = (1 / Kp)*100 where PB = Proportional Band

If Kp = 1 then PB = 100%. So, operating range is 100 percent
If Kp = 2 then PB = 50%. So, operating range becomes 50 percent

Offset is the minimal input which results in large change in output.

Proportional controller is cost effective controller. But having it own drawbacks like Proportional band and offset. This is overcome with the help of additional controllers like derivative controller and integral controller. Proportional Integral Derivative controller is most popular controller commonly called as PID controller.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is INTBUZZ?

You may think that what is the meaning of INTBUZZ and why should I chose this for my blog rite?, When I was decided to create blog to share my experience at that time I thought of giving proper meaning to my blog name. Also it’s limited because of name availability in blogspot. Finally, I got this name as my blog name.

IntBuzz: it’s simple; basically I come from Instrumentation Technology (IT) background which is related to lots of electronics and industrial automation control. Also, having knowledge towards Software Technologies it’s popular in the name of Information Technology (IT). So I decided to choose one common letters in these also it must be short as well as catchy. Finally I got word as int. IN for INstrumentation/INformation and T for Technology. Also INT is most popular word in software field. It’s one of the basic data type in C and C++ called as INTEGER (in short int). BUZZ is some kind of noisy sound in activity.

So, I mean I want make some kind of useful sound in the field of instrumentation as well as information technology. And I hope so :)

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Hello World

Hello World!!!!

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