Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips to increase your system speed

Do you feel your system is slow? Hanging many times? I will give small tips to increase your system performance.
The performance of a system will reduces mainly due to heavy loadings of CPU, RAM and Hard disk. So remove unwanted things from your PC to avoid loadings.
Delete the files in these folders. This leads in increase in performance.
1.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type dllcache -> OK
2.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type temp -> OK
3.       Goto Start-> Run-> Type %temp% -> OK
4.       Goto internet explorer-> Option -> Settings -> clear history, delete cookies and delete files
While deletion, some files will not delete. Because some applications using these files. So delete remaining files.
Use some tool like Ccleaner to do all these stuffs.
To Increase CPU speed
Goto task-manager (shortcut key Alt + Ctrl + Del) and kill unwanted applications. If you have more knowledge on process elements then goto process tab and kill services. Otherwise don’t do this part; this will leads in system crash.
To increase RAM speed
Make your desktop is clean. Move unwanted files from your desktop and keep then separate folder in any other hard drive use shortcut in desktop. Close all other applications if you are not using at that time.
Uninstall unnecessary application form add/remove programs. This is also helps to increase in performance.
If you know any other methods please let me know. Happy working J