Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is INTBUZZ?

You may think that what is the meaning of INTBUZZ and why should I chose this for my blog rite?, When I was decided to create blog to share my experience at that time I thought of giving proper meaning to my blog name. Also it’s limited because of name availability in blogspot. Finally, I got this name as my blog name.

IntBuzz: it’s simple; basically I come from Instrumentation Technology (IT) background which is related to lots of electronics and industrial automation control. Also, having knowledge towards Software Technologies it’s popular in the name of Information Technology (IT). So I decided to choose one common letters in these also it must be short as well as catchy. Finally I got word as int. IN for INstrumentation/INformation and T for Technology. Also INT is most popular word in software field. It’s one of the basic data type in C and C++ called as INTEGER (in short int). BUZZ is some kind of noisy sound in activity.

So, I mean I want make some kind of useful sound in the field of instrumentation as well as information technology. And I hope so :)

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