Monday, July 9, 2012

INTBuzz is Switching to Power Saving Mode

Recently i came to know that we can save power by switching off the lights in monitors which are not going to help in reading. So I am also switching off lights in all our client systems, which greatly helps in saving power on earth.

This works pretty simple, but first we need to understand how LED/LCD monitors works.. In layman terms we can say, generally all monitors comes with thousand and thousand of LED/LCD bulbs arranged horizontally in many lines.. Usually 3 bulbs (Red, Blue, Green) are used to represent one pixel. When white color needs to be displayed then all 3 bulbs needs to be switched on, If we need black color then all bulbs needs to be switched off. By varying bulb voltages of all three bulbs provide different shades of color.

So in this blog we are switching off many of the monitors bulbs which doesn't provide any useful information (like background) and we will switch on only few bulbs which are going to provide some useful information. In this way I am going to support GO GREEN by switching off monitor lights at my blog viewer end.

Please spread this with your friends and family to save energy on earth.. :) :)

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