Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ainol NOVO 7 ELF II is a Best Choice in Current Tablet PC Market

When i was searching for alternative tablets to beelabz, i came to know that, our money should be worthier for next few years technology. It should have some good hardware specification so that i can easily upgrade latest android OS to experience its latest features in my tablet itself..

I feel there are two good alternatives tablets exist in this market. One is Manufactured by Google and another is from Ainol NOVO. Google arrival to India might be delayed, may be this year end or beginning of next year and also it has its own drawbacks.. So Ainol novo is left in my option.

Shenzhen Ainol Electronics Co (Ltd) is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer and distribution company in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China since 2004. In December 2011 Ainol launched the world's first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet called NOVO7 and was marketed with the brand name Ainovo for the United States, Europe and worldwide market. Also they have open forums so that we can get help on any software or hardware issues.

There are several models available in NOVO 7 Series. Out of which i felt NOVO 7 ELF II and NOVO 7 Aurora II models are comes with good configuration. Both the models have same configuration except Display panels, ELF II comes with LCD Display and Aurora II comes with IPS Display panel. Cost wise also Aurora II is 3-4 thousand rupees more than ELF II. But for normal human eye cannot identify LCD display vs IPS panel display so quickly. Also, there no major difference between these two tablet.

After a lot of search and research done on almost all shopping sites and forums, i decided to go with NOVO 7 ELF II model. The next part of model selection is where to buy this model?? Product should be genuine and should be get it with lesser price, also seller should be good enough to understand our problems before and after order placement in their shop.. So finally i chose Trade Radius (now its ainol india official store) shop from Ebay, because i can get protection on my payment from ebay and he is a good seller and he has 100% positive feedback.

Finally, i placed order at Trade Radius (now its ainol india official store) ebay shop on July 2nd and got my tablet on 10th morning. This tablet is genuine AINOL NOVO 7 ELF II from China and shop owner has changed the default language from china to English for our quick access and not to worry about language change problem in first time use. I Dont have much time to explore this tablet so far. Till now i am happy about the performance, display, and interfacing support with external devices..

I am trying to explore much on this tablet. I will post more about this tablet soon on this blog.

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