Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easiest Way To Set Up Linux On Top Of Existing OS

Virtual Platform

VMplayer is software developed by vm-ware, provides virtual environment on top of any existing operating system. Virtual environment in the sense, the same physical hardware is shared to the operating system installed inside the VMPlayer (guest) with hiding existing operating system (host). So if anything happens inside the VMplayer will not affect main operating system where you installed VMplayer. This software is absolutely free of cost from vm-ware but you have to register an account at vm-ware to download the software.

Virtual Plat-Form VMplayer supports many guest operating systems on a single host operating system and keeps each guest OS files in a single file with extension vmdk on host machine. These vmdk files can be transferrable to any machine and can be reusable without having any configuration.
Trend sigma website offers free vmdk files for various linux operating systems. User can download any linux vmdk file from their site to use OS. This avoids manual installation effort for individuals.

Note: Virtualbox is open source software works similar to vmware.

Follow the Steps to Setup Linux
  1. Download VMPlayer from Vmware website.
  2. Install VM player on top of your existing windows OS.
  3. Download vmdk zip files for any Linux.
  4. Extract zip file and keep extracted file in permanent place.
  5. Open VMPlayer -> Click Open Virtual machine -> Browse extracted vmx file -> Click next to finish.
  6. Now virtual Linux is ready. Right Click on machine name from VMPlayer and click Play to start your new Linux.
  7. Provide login credential user/password and enjoy!!!

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