Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Drive with 5 GB free online storage

Google is introducing Google Drive and allows users to store 5GB of online media at absolutely free of cost. This is not officially launched yet but will come soon. Already web host is under process and you can find that by clicking link

Google Drive is embedded with Gmail account so user can easily use online storage with Gmail credentials. Also it offers drive configuration as local drive like C:\, D:\ in windows. similarly for android OS, Linux platform and Mac OS. So user can easily access files in Google Drive as local files with google security over media in it.

In future, there is a chance of combining google products like Gmail, Docs, Picasa and YouTube with Google Drive as a common storage. This will become a super structure from Google to share and access all files under one tree which will enable greatest value for cloud computing. I am also expecting this feature from google to see and share all files.

Here some of the Google Drive pictures.